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To ensure a correct fit for martingales please measure around the neck right behind the ears (at the smallest point). Pick a size where the measurement number falls in the middle. For ex. 13” would be a small, unless it’s a growing pup.


Small: Fits necks around 10”-15” best for poodles and smaller breeds

Medium: Fits necks around 15”-20” best for cattle dogs, etc

Large: Fits necks up to 18”-28” best for larger breeds like dobermans, boxers, etc



For buckle collars, please measure at the base of the neck where the collar would sit.


Small: Fits necks around 11”-16” best for poodles, and smaller breeds

Medium: Fits necks around 14”-21” best for cattle dogs, border collies, etc

Large: Fits necks around 20”-32” best for malamutes, etc


All buckle collars come with stainless hardware unless otherwise specified by buyer.

Please use this sizing to your best knowledge we are not responsible for incorrect sizing.